Employee Satisfaction Linked to Greater Autonomy, Good Work Relationships and a Sense of Competence — Duh!

Okay, it’s not rocket science, but it is comforting to find some hard data that supports what we’ve all known for years; people are happier on the weekends.

The study that officially confirmed it tracked the moods of 74 adults who worked at least 30 hours per week. Not surprisingly, workers, even those with interesting, high status jobs experienced better moods, greater vitality, and fewer aches and pains from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, This held true regardless of how many hours they work, how educated they happen to be, or whether they work in the trades, the service industry, or in a professional capacity. They feel better whether they are single, married, living together, divorced, or widowed. And, they feel better regardless of age.

Here’s where it gets a little more interesting.  The researchers set out to find out why this was so.  They found that relative to workdays, weekends were associated with higher levels of freedom and closeness: people reported more often that they were involved in activities of their own choosing and spending time with more intimate friends and family members. They also found that people feel more competent during the weekend than they do at their day-to-day jobs.

Apparently, our well-being depends in large part on meeting our basic psychological needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness.  To the extent that our work life affords us a sense of autonomy (for example, by teaching managers how to delegate without abandoning support), relatedness (for instance, by fostering a cooperative rather than competitive work environment and teaching employees how to tactfully resolve conflict) and competence (hiring the right people and investing in employee training and development), well-being may be higher and more stable, rather than regularly rising and falling.

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One Comment on “Employee Satisfaction Linked to Greater Autonomy, Good Work Relationships and a Sense of Competence — Duh!”

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